Hold Up Mfer....


Mfer we run da street Algorand.


Nine to Five aint working. One, here comes the mfers and their driving force.Someone pour us a mfer whiskey! Lets drivedown the hills and mountains as we merry and shit. Oh my, Good Lord.

We're tipsy
driving downtown Soon.

Shit. Someone pour me
another double shot of whiskey.

We're just driving
up and up downtown, mfer.


Who are Mfers and where the mfer downtown are they going to??

You know we all got an history. Me, You, We all Mfers and you wanna know where the mfking downtown is? Sykkkkke Downtown is Algorand!!! lets go party, MFERS!!!!!!

>Wen Mfer Lambo ?

Date : TBA


Ticker : $MFER

$MFER Supply

Supply : 1,000,000